Starting from left: Moroccan Spice, Mixed Herbs, Ras El Hanout

You can enhance and enliven the flavours of many simple foods and dishes by adding exotic Middle Eastern and Mediterranean herbs and spices. Very basic recipes for fish, meat, rice or vegetable entrées can gain entirely new layers of flavour with the addition of your choice of myriad combinations of these enticing culinary accents. You may want to start by following recipes and directions from chefs and expert cooks who are familiar with use of these age-old herbs and spices. Later on, when you become comfortable and confident about making your own choice of these delightful aromatic and flavourful enhancements when preparing meals, you can be wildly creative if you like. By trying different herb and spice combinations during food preparation, you will discover the ideal flavour embellishments to make your recipes a popular success with family, friends and holiday guests.

Enticing Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Spices and Herbs to Enhance Basic Foods

Aromatic and delicious mixtures of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean spices and herbs that can brighten and vitalise any basic food or recipe include the following:     

• Ras El Hanout Spice.
– This captivating combination of chili, cinnamon, ginger, curry powder, hot pepper, paprika, caraway, salt, cumin, coriander and fennel can transform a simply grilled or roasted leg of lamb into an outstanding gourmet meal. When this mix of pure, empowering spices is rubbed into scored sections of the lamb, the resulting full-bodied combination of tastes is sure to be completely irresistible. The aroma of the grilling or roasting premium grade lamb and its culinary enhancements may bring more than your invited guests to the table to sample this rare delicacy.   

• Mixed Herbs — Rubbed. – This well-balanced blend of dynamic herbs and spices will lend depth of flavour to poultry dishes of all types. Whether you are serving chicken, turkey or duck, this marvelous mix of oregano, marjoram, thyme and sage will spark and embellish your main course as it roasts or broils to perfection. You may want to rub the raw poultry with this herbal blend the night before cooking, then cover it and return it to the fridge. When these dramatic seasonings have time to absorb into the poultry flesh before preparing in your oven or broiler, the resulting meal will be tender, juicy and delightfully savoury. 

• Moroccan Spice. – This amazing combination of salt, red bell peppers, onion powder, paprika powder, turmeric ground, garlic powder, pepper cracked, parsley, canola oil and chicken flavour can turn any basic dish into a delicious masterpiece. When included in fresh vegetable stews decorated with nuts, figs or dates and served with rice or lentils, this luxurious mixture of herbs and spices blends bold, strident tastes with gently nuanced flavours to create an enticing meal to be thoroughly enjoyed and long remembered. 

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