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Medfoods History

Established in 2003 Medfoods in Melbourne, Victoria has become a leading supplier of local and imported foods from around the world, supplying Middle Eastern and Mediterranean markets in Australia. We supply Australians with the finest quality Middle Eastern products around.

Medfoods is well known for its packaging range. With state-of-the-art packing equipment we can now offer our customers prepacked Beans, Flour, Rice, Polenta, Semolina, Nuts and Dried Fruit. We also pack exotic herbs and spices that cater for all cultures.

All our retail customers have the advantage of buying their products packed and ready to sell at competitive prices. Also, there is an option for them to buy in bulk.

Adding to its popular brand Medfoods has also brought out its own gourmet product range from Lebanon. It is of high quality and sourced from the top award-winning manufacturers and growers overseas.

You can now buy Medfoods Pomegranate Molasses, Rosewater, Blossom Water, Moughrabia (large cous cous pearls), Eggplant and Chickpea Dips. These are a few of the many gourmet foods available to purchase at any time.

We also specialise in Oils, Rice, Canned Foods, Olives, Herbal and Diet Teas, Coffee, Tahini, Halawa and much more.

Medfoods strives to deliver the best of quality in all its products to every fine food store, supermarket, grocery, fruit shops and chefs in the country.

We have an ongoing commitment to our customers in providing them with dependability, reliability and excellent customer service. OUR CUSTOMERS COME FIRST!

Our sales team is always on call answering any queries relating to any particular product and offering the best possible prices in this competitive market today. Your business is our business- no customer is too big or small to us.