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Here at Medfoods, we understand that a healthy life is all about having a healthy diet. When it comes to building your diet, you need to rely on great foods sourced from even better locations. We’ve been serving Melbourne with Middle Eastern and Mediterranean imports since 2003. Among our most popular products are our varieties of lentils and peas. Today, we are going to discuss the health benefits that these two foods can add to just about any type of diet!

Health Benefits of Lentils and Peas
When you are building a dish from the ground up, adding tasty legumes can be a great way to establish a foundation of health benefits. Likewise, peas provide a punch to your diet that won’t go unnoticed. While you can get peas and lentils from pretty much anywhere, there is a reason that people keep turning to our team at Medfoods for all of their high-quality lentils and pea needs. Let’s dig right into the health benefits that these two foods can provide to you when you incorporate them into your next dish!

1) Health Benefits of Lentils – Lentils are one of the best legumes that you can add to your diet, transcending even chickpeas! Lentils are tiny legumes that grow in a pod. You can get them in a variety of different colours, including black, brown, red, green, and yellow. Typically associated with soup, you can incorporate lentils into just about every dish. Lentils are packed with protein, loaded with iron, and filled with fibre. Adding lentils as a side component to your next entre can be a great way to fill out the nutritional profile of your meal. We suggest using lentils in soup, pasta, and salad. Of course, you can experiment with your food to find out what works for you!

2) Health Benefits of Peas – Peas are an incredibly popular legume for a variety of reasons! Green split peas are probably the most commonly eaten pea in the world as they’ve been a part of the human diet for hundreds and hundreds of years. Green split peas are a great source of protein and they have the added benefit of filling you up while you eat them. Green split peas are relied upon for vegetarians to make sure that they get the right amount of protein in their diet. Green split peas also help with digestion while reducing your blood sugar.

Here at Medfoods, we are all about supplying our customers with high-quality foods at an affordable price. Whether you are a chef or a supermarket owner, we can help get you the healthy foods that you need to make your customers happy.