From Left: Tamrind Syrup, Mulberry Syrup, Rose Syrup, Jallab Syrup

Rose Syrup:

Medfoods Rose Syrup is best used a cordial with both still and sparkling water; just add ice. It is the perfect refreshing and sweet drink and makes a good addition to cocktails. It is best served with summer berries and a little of Medfoods Lemon Juice to give it a evenly sweet taste. Teta likes to get creative in the kitchen and developed her own recipe of home-made dairy ice cream with a touch of rose syrup.

Mulberry Syrup:

Best served cold, mix Medfoods Mulberry Syrup with still or sparkling water, and a lot of ice.

Teta says it is best to lower cholesterol levels and improve blood sugar levels, which is

perfect to have after Teta’s big family feast.

Jallab Syrup:

Just like any other ready-made syrup, mix Medfoods Jallab Syrup with either still or sparkling water and ice. Teta says this is a guests favourite, best garnished with crushed ice, pinenuts and pistachios.

Tamrind Syrup:

Teta says if you’re a sour lover then you’re going to love Medfoods Tamrind Syrup. Just add chilled water (still or sparkling) and Medfoods Tamrind Syrup. To even out the tangy taste add some dried limes to enrich the drinks flavour.