Mums who love to cook will delight in a gift of fragrant and flavourful Mediterranean spices for any occasion. Spices from countries and regions in this part of the world are some of the most exotic, yet widely sought after and used spices worldwide. They are also some of the oldest known spices that still grow naturally today. Due to their high levels of popularity for use in food preparation and cooking, many of these herbs are also widely cultivated, both commercially and as small, household efforts in the form of home herb gardens in backyards and on city apartment balconies and terraces.

Creating a Dynamic Set of Mediterranean Spices for a Unique All-Occasion Gift for Mothers

By browsing through online exotic spice markets or visiting your local international spice shop, you can put together a unique and highly appealing set of Mediterranean spices for an innovative gift for mums. Some exotic, yet commonly used spices and herbs that you might add to this special and highly flavourful collection include the following:

• Ras el Hanout. – This rich Moroccan spice blend was named after a spice merchant’s image as he offered his finest spices and herbs for sale to impress a buyer. The name “ras el hanout” translates as “top of the shop.” This outstanding blend of spices may include about 30 different spices. Various spices that are usually combined in this complex and flavourful mix are cardamom, clove, cinnamon, cumin, allspice, nutmeg, mace, dry ginger, chili peppers, coriander seed, sweet and hot paprika, peppercorn, dry turmeric and fenugreek.     

• Harissa. – This chili pepper paste is from North Africa, in and around Tunisia. It is said that Columbus discovered not only the Americas in his travels, but also chili peppers, which he brought back to Spain. When Spain won its independence from the rule of the Moors, many Spanish people moved to Tunisia. Apparently, these new arrivals to Tunisia from Spain brought the newly found chili peppers with them. Harissa also includes caraway, garlic and lemon. 

• Tabil (“spice”) also comes from Tunisia. Also a blend of herbs and spices, it contains turmeric, which gives it yellow shades that are similar to the colour of curry powder. Tabil actually includes a number of other exotic spices that are commonly found in curry powder. In fact, some people substitute curry powder for tabil in food preparation and cooking. 

• Charmoula.
– This vinaigrette is commonly used in foods in both Tunisia an Morocco. Used as a versatile marinade and salad dressing, it contains cilantro, cumin, parsley and paprika, and it is frequently used for marinating lamb or fish. Charmoula is especially appealing when used as a dressing for combinations of cooked vegetables such as cucumber, beets, potatoes, peppers, tomatoes and onions.   

• Dukkah. – This blend of Egyptian spices consists of cumin, pepper, sesame seeds and hazelnuts. Dukkah is sometimes confused with za’atar, a spice blend that contains wild thyme, sumac and sesame. 

• Baharat. – This Turkish spice mixture consists of eight to ten different herbs and spices. It is commonly used to season grilled or roasted lamb. 

It can be interesting and fun to compare the variations in spices commonly used for preparing the same meal in different Mediterranean countries. For example, Spanish lamb kebabs will be seasoned with garlic, saffron, cayenne and Spanish paprika, while Italian kebabs will be skewered on rosemary and spiced with garlic and black pepper. Kebabs prepared in Greece will be seasoned with such spices as dill, garlic, black pepper and lemon. In all three countries, the kebabs will also be basted with olive oil while grilling or roasting.     

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Top-rated menus in this region range from simple fruit and vegetable dishes to gourmet meals displaying the heights of exemplary gourmet culinary artistry. Our experts will guide you to selecting the ideal set of Mediterranean herbs and spices to delight any mum on any occasion. These exotic spices are the perfect surprise gift for mums who love to cook.